Wipro Recruitment Process

Wipro Recruitment Process

Interview Number 1

Company- Wipro

Post-Software development

Year- 2019

CTC- 3.5lpa

Location- PAN India

Written Round- 1.simple quants+ English
2. 2 programming questions(basic looping, array, string) 3. Essay writing

Technical Round- Personal intro
Tell something about your projects. Why java better than C? What are the characteristics of OOPs? What is recursion? write a program to explain it? Explain types of inheritance with examples?

HR Round-1-Introduce yourself
2-What are your hobbies? 3-Why do you want to join our organization? 4-Are you comfortable with re-location? 5-How will be your contribution in the growth of our company? 6-Any questions from us?

Any suggestions for readers on how to qualify – For technical round try to focus on one programming language if you are from non coding background. Try to improve your basics first rather than jumping on tougher concepts. You should know everything which you have written in your resume. Don't write unnecessary things to improve your resume, write whatever you can answer.
For HR interview try to be calm and confident. Don't try to brag about yourself. While speaking choose your words wisely.

Offer Status –Not Accepted

Contributed By- Arjun mehtani
Interview Number 2

Company- Wipro

Post- Software Developer

Year- 2020

CTC- 3.5

Location- Ghaziabad

Written Round-Aptitude Test, Technical MCQs, Programming

Technical Round-Complete CV, Data Structures And Algorithms, Searching, Sorting, Java Questions.

HR Round- Introduction, Relocation, Extra-Curricular Activities

Any suggestions for readers on how to qualify –Look For Your Basics, CV should be clear, Good Communication Skills, Geeks For Geeks will be the best platform to Learn More.
Go For Javatpoint for Java Related Preparations.

Offer Status – Offer Accepted
Contributed By-  Name Not revealed 
Interview Number 3


Post- Associate Analyst




Written Round-Basic Aptitude & SQL

Technical Round-Personal Intro, Writing SQL queries from simple to bit complex

HR Round-Introduction & Simple Quizzes e.g. How can u cut cake into 8 by making only three cut ? & many more like this.

Any suggestions for readers on how to qualify –Just be calm & confident

Offer Status –Offer Accepted

Contributed By- ARPIT SHUKLA

Interview Number 4

Company name: Wipro

Post: Project Engineer

CTC: 3.5 LPA

Location: Ghaziabad

Written Round Questions:  Basic Aptitude questions on topic time, work and speed, averages and profit and loss. 1 programming question was on balanced parentheses.

Technical Round Questions:  What is Big Data. Difference between sorted and unsorted data. example of AI.

Hr Round Questions: Ready to relocate? comfortable with shifts?

Any Suggestions for the reader how to qualifyLearn one basic programing language. Practice Basic aptitude. should know new technologies and their use cases.

Offer- Offer Accepted 

Contributed By - Prakhar Dixit 


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